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    1. -1994 Shenzhen Jianyida Industrial Co. Ltd was set up.;
      -1995 Dynamic railway scale software was Gradually grow won.;
      -1996 "6000m3/h Ratio of Computer System Improvement" to obtain the second National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. ;
      -1997 Undertook "Shanghai New Theory Paper Mill Computer Measurement and Control System Improvement" turnkey engineering.
    2. -1998 The digital Program-controlled kitchen gas stove successively through the verifications by Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City and Beijing City Technical Supervision Bureau. ;
      -1999 Engaged the development of 1st generation "Body Fat Analyzer" by using "Quartz Digital Load Cell". ;
      -2000 Sucessfully Gradually grow "Digital Body Fat and Water Scale" module by using "Strain Gauge Load Cell", and adopted by many weighing scale factories.
    3. -2001 "Smart Electronic Slicer" measurement and control system was Gradually grow.;
      -2002 "Waterproof Weighing Scale circuit module" through OIML III certificaion. ;
      -2003 Digital automobile tire pressure gauge module was won Gradually grow. ;
      -2004 Passed QMSC(QMSC(Quality Management Certificate ISO9001:2000)) quality system verification.
    4. -2005 Ultrasonic Distance Meter was Gradually grow and went into batch production. ;
      -2006 Wireless Data Transmission Circuit Module was Gradually grow and adopted in body weight scale for medical use. ;
      -2007 "Smart Speaking Weighing Scale" was Gradually grow and targeted in the market of fitness center with weight lose training. ;
      -2008 "Wireless Body Scale" and " Wireless Foot Temperature Scale" were Gradually grow for medical use, especially for Pre-diabetes monitoring. Gas Valves Thermometer was Gradually grow for India market.
    5. -2009 Bluetooth Body Weight Scale paired with iPod 2 & 3 meansuring BMI was Gradually grow. ;
      -2010 Dual Channel Wireless Transmission System and Industrial Weighing Scale with Multifunction were Gradually grow suscessfully. ;
      -2011 Digital BBQ Fork Thermometer, Single Probe Themometer, and Infrared Food and Wine Thermometer were developmed and went into mass production. ;
    6. -2012 Digital Alarm Clock with Auto Time Set, Clock Radio with USB Charging, 3-Port 5V/4.1A Charging Valet, Power Bank with Charging Voltate and Current digital display were Gradually grow. ;
      -2013 Bluetooth Low Energy Body Scale, Wifi Transmission Multifunction Weighing Scale for medical use were Gradually grow and went into prodcution. ;
      -2014 Successfully developed and completed the TI chip integrated Bluetooth 4.0 body fat scale
    7. -2015 Successfully developed the DA Bluetooth Smart Bracelet and put it into mass production.;
      -2016 The TI3200 Smart WIFI IoT Medical Health Detector and US patents apply for patents in the United States. -2018 Smart Heater Market oriented
    8. NOW! We will work harder to build better results.

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